Meet Michael Guild, an artist blending Japanese and Iranian heritage, whose creative journey has thrived in Washington DC since 2013. With a background in graphic design and web development, he specializes in crafting accessible user interfaces, while his diverse artistic endeavors resonate through live painting at venues like Art Soiree and DC Art All Night, and transformative contributions to fashion shows like Fashion ReDeux. His gallery reflects his unique talent for evoking emotions and fostering connections through multifaceted artwork.

Emotive Scenery Collection

A collection of abstract scenery made to evoke some kind of feeling or memory.

Disco Zoo Collection

Disco Zoo was started as an idea of inspiring people to take notice of the fine details of animals in an appreciation for nature as a whole. With the appreciation of nature and life, the ideas of how we as humans impact the world will hopefully allow us to gain some perspective on the choices we do on a daily basis that impact life around us. The Disco Zoo Collection is a collaboration between the design’s of Michael Guild and a mixture of photography between him and Igor Skvora. For prints, visit here