Artistic Career

Since 2013, Michael Guild has established himself as a dedicated local artist within the vibrant cultural tapestry of Washington DC. His artistic journey, rooted in a rich blend of Japanese and Iranian heritage, has been an integral part of the city's creative scene. 

During this time, Michael has been an active participant in the Washington DC art landscape, engaging in various dynamic ventures. He has been a frequent presence at live painting events hosted by renowned bars and venues, such as Art Soiree and the celebrated DC Art All Night events. In these settings, Michael's artistic expression has melded with the energetic ambiance, contributing to the immersive and interactive experiences for attendees.

Furthermore, Michael's artistic versatility extends to the realm of live body painting. His talents have graced fashion shows, most notably at events like Fashion ReDeux. Here, his skillful brushwork transforms human canvases into living, breathing works of art, adding a unique and captivating dimension to the world of fashion.

Through these multifaceted engagements and his unwavering commitment to his craft, Michael Guild has not only left an indelible mark on the Washington DC art scene but has also cultivated connections with audiences through his interactive and captivating artistry.

Profesional Career

Michael Guild possesses a wealth of experience spanning several years within the technology sector, where he has cultivated a unique expertise in human-centered design, focused on generating value through empathy-driven solutions. Throughout his journey, Michael Guild has taken the lead in orchestrating workshops, sharing his insights and guiding others in the principles of design thinking.

Notably, Michael Guild's journey began as an unpaid intern, overcoming financial limitations that initially prevented pursuit of higher education. Through unwavering determination, he ascended the ranks, ultimately becoming a specialist in web graphics design with a strong emphasis on usability.

Michael Guild's enthusiasm for problem-solving, coupled with his devotion to product development and the cultivation of a positive work culture, has grown exponentially over the years. As a result, work seamlessly intertwines with a sense of "play," propelling him to contribute significantly to the creation of enjoyable products. Furthermore, as a testament to his commitment to community betterment, Michael Guild annually takes on apprentices, offering mentorship and sharing the invaluable lessons he has accrued through personal experiences.

In addition to his hands-on work in design and development, Michael Guild's expertise lies in human-centered design, where he crafts solutions that resonate with users on a deeply empathetic level. This approach prioritizes understanding the needs and emotions of users, resulting in products that not only meet functional requirements but also generate genuine value through empathy-driven design.

Moreover, Michael Guild's leadership extends to conducting workshops, where he imparts his knowledge and experience to guide others in harnessing the power of human-centered design principles. These workshops serve as platforms for learning and collaboration, further solidifying Michael Guild's role as a prominent figure in the technology sector, celebrated for his multifaceted contributions and empathy-driven approach.